Seven Things You Can Do To Make Your Career Resolutions A Reality!

Sales on books with diet plans, set help books and gym memberships are at an all time high this time of year. As well, many people also determine to change their careers, pursue career progression or look for a more fulfilling role.

There are likely a few things you have determined to do in 2018 that you are rolling out this very week! In your aspirations to better yourself, don’t forget to focus on your career plan and the action items that will lead to your future transition before your expected DAP completion date sneaks up on you!

Here are “Seven things you can do to make your career resolutions a reality!”

  1. Attend Career Focused WorkshopsThis Winter/Spring you can begin taking the DAP Career Workshops Series which will take place January 9 – March 27. This series will take you through a process to begin preparing every aspect of your career search process to prepare you for your impending career transition. You can learn some very timely career strategies including refining your career direction, preparing your career documents, developing networking skills, preparing for interviews and understanding the CPA recruiting process, just to name a few. These workshops will take place before your evening classes and end at 6:15 pm to allow you to make it to class.  They are posted now and you can register for them on COOL.

    As well, If you will be ready to start work in January or September 2019, now is the time to prepare for CPA recruiting. Along with the above, there will be some workshops specific to CPA recruiting to prepare you for Spring recruiting.

  2. Network MoreIf your network is small, if it has not been producing career leads for you, or if it is non-existent, it is time to take action to change this. “If you take care of your network, it will take care of your career!” Pull out those business cards from last year and reach out to the people that you have not connected with for awhile and wish them a Happy New Year. Then, tell them what you are up to and see if you can connect with them to ask questions about the industry, their company and their own career path.

    Utilize LinkedIn more purposefully by researching, targeting and reaching out to people that work In your field and connect.

    Talk to as many people as you can and be sure to ask them what they do for work. You know after they tell you what they do, your turn will follow. Be sure to tell them your career goals and what you are doing now to build your network. If it makes sense, ask them to connect or share “places you could look or people you could talk to” to help with your career research.

  3. Identify & Learn New SkillsYour career has a set of core competencies. Identify what they are and look for ways to communicate them and develop them. It might be time to leave that comfortable job you have now and target something that will better develop your competencies in your targeted career. It won’t be long and you will need to demonstrate these competencies. Now is your time to build or strengthen them.
  4. Say “Yes” To New ExperiencesDiscomfort is a common feeling during career transition. Too often people hold back due to discomfort and remain in unfulfilling and “dead-end” jobs because they don’t want to experience the discomfort of reaching for something new and possibly even unknown. I have found the dissatisfaction of an unfulfilling career is much more impacting on people’s lives than the discomfort of a career transition. If nothing else, it is certainly more temporary. So be courageous! Say “Yes” to things that will bring you career success in 2018!
  5. Set GoalsAs one writer stated, “You only hit what you aim at!” Setting goals lessens the distance between the potential and the candidate. Each action item closes the gap and helps the job searcher take another step toward career success. The seemingly looming large goal of career transition can be tackled one strategic step at a time. Give your steps dates and times and they will happen!
  6. Protect Your Time & Take ActionSpreading the goals out over your DAP experience will be much more doable and successful than trying to achieve success during your final few months or after you have completed the program. Setting time aside for your career goals now will ensure you can tackle your assignments, keep you current job, protect your personal time and move your career ahead simultaneously.
  7. Meet With A Career CoachAside from providing resume and cover letter reviews, career consultants are able to assess where you are and help you see and cover your blind spots. An honest conversation around your career objective, your challenges, your needs and areas that need your attention will help you significantly. Then, one of the greatest things you can do is…take their advice. :)

So whether you are planning on shedding a few pounds, getting ripped at the gym or succeeding in your career…you can…if you really want to! Just follow the steps!

Good luck!


Russell Garrett is the Owner of Protocol Business Solutions, a Certified Career Consultant and your DAP Career Coach. Russell will be delivering the Winter/Spring Career Workshop Series from January 9 – March 27 2018, as well as other workshops to prepare DAP students for 2018 Spring CPA recruiting and overall job search. Russell will also be on campus for in-person coaching during the same period which can be accessed through COOL and he is also available to DAP students for online coaching appointments set up through email.  

Contact Russell at

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