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How can I get my accounting career on track!?

Maybe you just came through Fall CPA Recruiting, recently started DAP or are planning on leveraging your newly acquired accounting knowledge as you move forward with your career progression. Whatever the case may be, getting your accounting career on track during your education is one of the greatest keys to your success! So…a workshop will be delivered Nov 17th from 4:15 – 6:15 pm for this very purpose. In the mean time, here are a few highlights! Continue reading

#CPAFallRecruit2015 Accepting/Declining Offers Workshop – October 5th, 4-6 pm

Receiving offers from firms or companies is fantastic, receiving multiple offers going through recruit can be even more exciting but also makes the decision making process a little confusing at times.  In this workshop we will discuss key points you may need to consider when reading through your offer, how to handle the process of accepting or rejecting offers without burning bridges.

Registration for this workshop is now open on COOL.

So I did not get a position during CPA recruiting – now what?!

When 16 small, medium and large prestigious firms line up at the door of Sauder to hire the ‘crème de la ‘crème’, like suitors trying to choose a life partner, the atmosphere becomes quite compelling, enveloping and emotional. With the Big 4 at the forefront meeting with students during off-campus events and on-campus events in a hall they themselves brought into existence through their philanthropic strength, it is difficult not to get drawn into the vortex of it all and come away thinking this is the only chance to get into the CPA field! Not so! Continue reading